Actress Opens Up On Her Ideal Man Genevieve Nnaji was a guest on Olisa Adibua’s “The Truth” and she spoke out about her relationship status and the qualities she desires in a partner


Olisa Adibua’s “The Truth” had actress, Genevieve Nnaji as a guest and she spoke out concerning a lot of personal issues.

The screen diva discussed her career, her newly re-launched clothing line and life as a single mother. She also described her ideal man saying:

“I don’t have a boyfriend now. I eat with my eyes. I need to be attracted to you. Definitely there has to be a physical attraction to draw me to you. But, at the end of the day, it’s your mind I’m going to fall in love with, so there is something that draws me to you and something that keeps me.”

“… I just think that I’m probably looking for a friend, somebody who shares a like mind and somebody who is confident. I like tall guys. I’m short so you have to think of the kids.”

Genevieve was previously romantically linked to musician, D’Banj but from all appearances, they have gone their separate ways.

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