Madonna and Mercy: 14 Touching Mother-Daughter Flicks

Madonna and Her Girls Visit An Orphanage In Malawi! madonna-and-mercy-5 madonna-and-mercy-8 madonna-and-mercy-10 madonna-and-mercy-71-548x430 madonna-and-mercy-9 Madonna Takes Her Children Along For An Orphanage Visit in Malawi madonna-and-mercy-14 madonna-and-mercy-2madonna-and-mercy-6madonna-and-mercy-1

We can all recall the shock and amazement everyone had when they discovered that Madonna adopted darling David and Mercy! Oh my! Well many moons, speculations, diapers and diamonds later it is clear to see that the Material Girl is a model mom. Today we take a quick peek at the apparent love between Madonna and Mercy. Despite Mercy not being Madonna’s ‘maternal’ child, they are truly mother and daughter as you can see from the piggy back rides, the shared moments of laughter, the pride and the joy that shines out of their eyes as they glance at one another.

The love that Lourdes and Mercy display toward one another and the usual beam that comes from a child that is happy, healthy and loved. Madonna truly shines in the mother role and literally takes her brood all around the world from lush trips in Africa to luxe trips in Paris to trips to major label toy stores and kicking it with them in the local park. We honestly believe they keep her younger, fresher, more vibrant and truly happy!

Could we really ask for more? Grab a box of tissues ’cause you’re gonna have some leakage, after glancing at these heart-warming flicks.

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