Why Sex In Water Is Not So Good

Taking a swim in the pool or bathing together in the tub with your lover often leads to sex.

It happens almost every time, even when not planned.

However, having sex in the water  — tub, pool or shower, is not always cool.

Penetrative sex in pools or tubs can actually be dangerous.


Water has bad bacteria that can cause a lot of complication in the you orifices.

The threat is more real for ladies than men.

Chlorine, often in abundance in in pool water, can upset the pH balance inside their honey pot, making a yeast infection a very high possibility.

Again, water washes away the natural lubricant a woman’s body released when she is stimulated.

Soon, the thrusting penis injures her — chafing.

The best option to to do the foreplay in the pool or tub and move out when you think you are about to get down.

Have sex, but stay safe.


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