I Believe In Santa Claus -Promote Yourself


santa c

School was out for Christmas vacation.
The Kids had just got off the buss at South Fork.
Everyone discussing what their plans were for Christmas.
All were getting excited talking about what they were wishing for come Christmas.
One Of the younger girls that had just been listening to th older kids,said I will be happy with what ever Santa Claus brings me.
An older boy named John said to her you don’t really believe in Santa Claus do you?
John’s Sister Mary said Honey there is no Santa Claus.
Within a few seconds four or five of the older Kids came to her and told her not to believe them,ofcourse there is a Santa Claus.
One at a time they began to relate to her telling her how Santa came to their house every Christmas.
After wipping a few tears from her cheeks she smiled and said I know…

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