Top 10 Books for Making Lunch (or Dinner, or Breakfast) by Helen Labun Jordan

Nerdy Book Club

Three years ago, Bear Pond Books started a series of school year workshops at the store to bring together authors and educators to talk about topics that interest them both. Last November, as part of national Agriculture in the Classroom month, we hosted an event focused on learning about food. Vermont happens to have a very strong statewide organization called Food Education Every Day (or FEED) with lots of resources we could use for the event.

the milk makersVermont is also home to Gail Gibbons – an author who has written 169 picture books that Vermont kids grew up reading. Her first farm-related book was The Milk Makers, which became a Reading Rainbow book. She chose that topic because her normal driving routes went past many Vermont farms, and one day her young daughter asked why she hadn’t done a book about cows. So, she did a book about cows. As Gail did more…

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