German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a nazi?

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Helmut Schmidt in Wehrmacht uniform in 1940

Translated from Der Spiegel weekly in Germany, #49/2014:

A new biography investigates Helmut Schmidt’s life in the ‘Third Reich‘. Was the ex-chancellor a nazi, or does he only suffer from a bad memory?

The young Luftwaffe officer was obviously gifted. His superior officer attributed to him in February 1942 ‘talent for organisation’, ‘prevailing in difficult situations’ and ‘a good service record’. The 23-year-old Hamburg man, though with a tendency to ‘brazen behaviour’, nevertheless had a ‘right character’. And also ideologically, he had a strong base: ‘Solidly based on the nat. soc. (National Socialist; ed.) philosophy of life and able in transferring this to others’.

The name of this officer: Helmut Schmidt, in 1974-1982 chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, author of many bestsellers, and today by far the most popular ex-politician in the country.

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