How Redskins Troubled Secondary Was Shredded In Loss To Colts


INDIANAPOLIS — The mistakes and miscommunications came one after another and left carnage in their wake.

A Redskins secondary vulnerable to big plays all season and now worn to the nub by injuries, gave Colts star quarterback Andrew Luck help that he just didn’t need on Sunday in a 49-27 loss at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Indianapolis scored on passing touchdowns of 30, 48, 73 and 79 yards. Tight end Coby Fleener also dropped what would have been an easy 52-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. All day long Colts wide receivers found themselves with acres of space to work with and they took full advantage.

“We need to communicate better,” Redskins safety Ryan Clark said. “When we have a situation where it’s new guys out there, guys who maybe haven’t gotten as many practice reps, the guys who have we’ve got to communicate everything. You need to over communicate…

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