Show Respect When Picking Up After Mother Nature

CBS Philly

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Making wreaths, braiding branches for swags and garlands, arranging boughs with berries, filling bowls with pinecones and getting ready to get crafty. This time of year, lots of us bring a touch of nature indoors to celebrate the season and make ornaments and gifts.

Since you don’t have every kind of plant on your own property, it’s natural to go for a walk to collect Nature’s gift bits – and when you do, remember some simple garden etiquette.

Wherever you may wander – in your own neighborhood, or on the grounds of a garden or arboretum – always ask if it’s OK if you collect some of what Nature’s left behind. Many people and places won’t mind if you pick up a few of whatever has fallen to the ground.

It’s important to never pick, pull, or prune anything off a tree or shrub…

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