James Blunt’s Record Label Tried to Stop Him Mocking Twitter Trolls


British singer James Blunt, famous for the single “You’re Beautiful” and his humorous takedowns of Twitter trolls, says that his record label has tried to make him stop tweeting.

“My record label wanted me to be on [Twitter] to market myself and my albums,” Blunt told the Radio Times. “Then I went on there I saw how people could be quite abusive — not just to me but to everyone online — and I was amazed that I even considered taking it seriously … I think it’s remarkable that in this day and age we allow people to voice their opinions as if they were fact, and the fact that people take it seriously is remarkable.”

Nevertheless, Blunt has tackled Twitter with serious panache, countering abusive users with often well-founded witticisms.

“I thought: I am not going to take that seriously; I am going to laugh at them and I…

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