Man Loses Fantasy Football Bet; Forced To Shoot Music Video In Nude Suit [VIDEO]

CBS Detroit

By: Evan Jankens

Playing fantasy football can be both fun and frustrating.

I have said this is my final year playing. There are always little hidden rules no one knows about until it’s too late, and I get aggravated.

When playing you also make some silly bets, which I’m not a fan of. For instance in the Valenti and Foster fantasy football league, the loser has to make a promos stating they are awful at fantasy football. Here’s the catch: Who’s the loser? Was it the team that finished last throughout the regular season? The team that lost in the toilet bowl? The toilet bowl winner? The team that lost in the first round of the toilet bowl playoff?

Who knows? What I do know is I am glad my team didn’t finish last so I’m all good.

One man decided it would be a good idea to make…

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