Visions of Postcolonial Ageing

Media Diversified

By Sangita Mistry 

A memory of my grandfather wafts into the air each time someone passes me, chewing paan. The distinctive aroma of the crushed supari (diced betal nut), sprinkled like crimson gold dust onto the white paste (chuno – lime stone) and spread onto a betal leaf is a vivid sense memory.

My research with Asian elders in care homes began with my grandfather. He had Alzheimer’s disease and towards the end of his life was cared for in a nursing home. Visiting nursing homes when my grandfather was alive left a lasting impression on me, drawing me to search for the ways in which differences can matter and manifest at the end of lives. A few years after my grandfather’s death, I began to research the different types of residential care available to elders for my Masters dissertation, taking photographs of residents. Through the research I…

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