Australian government uses lone Sydney criminal as pretext for wars, attacks on civil rights

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This BBC video says about itself:

Sydney cafe: Australians say to Muslims “I’ll ride with you”

15 December 2014

Tessa Kum who started the twitter hash tag #illridewithyou in a show of solidarity with Muslims living in Australia talks to BBC News.

By Peter Symonds in Australia:

The Sydney siege

16 December 2014

Without providing any justification, the Australian government yesterday seized on an isolated incident involving a deeply disturbed individual in the Sydney CBD to activate the entire “counter-terrorism” apparatus and impose a state of siege in the centre of the country’s largest city—with tragic consequences.

What would ordinarily have been dealt with as a serious, but relatively straightforward, police matter—an armed gunman taking hostages in a city café—was escalated into a major national crisis by the intervention of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, with the full support of the opposition Labor Party and the Greens, state governments and…

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