Phantom Gourmet: No. 8 In Amesbury

CBS Boston

AMESBURY – If you’re going to go out and brave the cold, you’re usually not looking for anything fancy. You just want familiar foods done the right way. Phantom found a place that can blow you away with basics like potato chips and a BLT.

Housed inside an old wool mill along the Powwow River in Amesbury, No. 8 Kitchen and Spirits is one of the North Shore’s newest spots for farm to table, contemporary New England cuisine.

“We try to take things that people are familiar with and we put our own little twist on it,” said Chef Christopher Jackson. He loves being in the kitchen and puts passion into every plate, from the first taste to the final sweet bite.

“This is everything for me. Passion, love. Reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’m just having fun.”

Some plates are stunning and surprising, others are…

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