Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots To Beat The Cold

CBS Boston

When the weather gets chilly, Phantom’s appetite gets silly. These are the 8 tastiest places Phantom has found to beat the cold.

Hearth Bakery

Kicking off the Great 8 is Hearth Bakery in Plymouth. This old world style shop bakes artisanal breads for some of the best restaurants in Boston. Here at their retail store, you can purchase loaves still piping hot from the hearth in flavors like kalamata olive, fruit and nut, Rustic Rosemary, and an incredible Four Cheese Bread that’s like velvet on your tongue.

Fireside Grille

The Fireside Grille in Middleboro is a comfortable, throwback restaurant that serves all the foods you love to eat when the temperature drops. The Fireside Nachos are humongous, layering a pile of chips with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, not just once, but twice, so every chip ends up covered in the good stuff. The burgers go from the…

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