Q&A: Yelawolf Will Release New Album When He Wants, Until Then Enjoy ‘Till It’s Gone’

1025 KSFM

By Jay Tilles

With a steady stream of music over the past four years including two full lengths, two EPs and a handful of mix tapes,Yelawolfis still feeling the pressure from fans to deliver a new album. But he’s in no big hurry.

The Alabama rapper is currently enjoying success with his first single, ‘Till It’s Gone” and he’s perfectly willing to let it “breath” before unleashing the new albumLove Stories, with all its heavy lyrical content, onto his eagerly awaiting fans.

Radio.comcaught up Yelawolf to get the story behind the single, how he’s carefully crafting the album’s launch and what he finds so appealing about the swampy South.


Radio.com:You and others have compared your new single ?Till It?s Gone? to your 2010 song ?Pop The Trunk.? Why is that?

Yelawolf:Cause it?s dark. There?s like a darkness to it. It?s…

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