Watch YG Dance for DJ Mustard in His ‘2015 Flow’ Video

1025 KSFM

By Ezra Marcus

Out with the old, in the with the new.

YGcaps off his huge 2014?in which he released his world-conqueringMy Krazy Life?with a music video for a new loose called ?2015 Flow.?

The ambient instrumental, produced by his longtime collaboratorDJ Mustard, doesn?t prevent YG from going in with full force. The video finds him rocking a fedora and dancing his heart out in front of a long red screen, spinning and jumping in time with the piano chords.

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The whole affair is reminiscent ofMichael Jackson?it’s not a look we?re used to from YG, but he wears it well.

Slowly the video pans back to reveal DJ Mustard sitting in a cozy spinning chair in the foreground, letting fistfuls of money fly skyward with each rotation. It?s an arresting unusual video…

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