‘Christmas Miracle’ Unites Long-Lost Siblings

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) A Detroit woman and her 81 year old brother are spending their first holiday season together after a decades-long lie unraveled thanks to social media.

It’s a Christmas miracle, and Randye Bullock, 65, believes in miracles.

She told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas she had never met her brother; in fact, her family was told he died when he was 9 years old.

In reality, he had been adopted as a baby. He and Bullock share a father, Paul Smith. When she finally tracked her brother down, thanks to a Facebook lead, she knew immediately who he was.

“No DNA needed, he looks like my daddy incarnated,” Bullock said.

(family photo) Long lost brother Charles Fiadlerhe in a side by side image with his biological father, Paul Smith. Randye Bullock’s long lost brother Charles Fiadler in a side by side image with their mutual biological father, Paul Smith. (Family photo)

Born at Providence Hospital in 1933, her brother Charles Fiadler was put up for adoption for reasons that were, at the…

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