Giant clams in coral reefs, new research

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This video says about itself:

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Giant Clams

8 September 2008

Giant clams are no myth. In New England, people love clam chowder, but in the Pacific, some of the clams are as big as a suitcase! On an expedition to Micronesia, Jonathan goes in search of Giant Clams. These clams are so big that people used to think they caught people–and it almost looks like they could. It turns out that the problem is too many people eating the clams.

From Biological Conservation journal:

The ecological significance of giant clams in coral reef ecosystems


• We review the ecological importance of giant clams on coral reefs.
• Giant clams can contribute to reefs: (1) as food, (2) as shelter, and (3) as reef builders and shapers.
• Understanding the ecological roles of giant clams reinforces the case for their conservation.


Giant clams…

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