The Canadian Rockies, Day 9 – Reflecting Pools and Further Explorations of Highway 11

Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog

We returned to the Kootenay Plains before first light on the first morning of the tour, but to a different spot than we had concluded the previous day.  This time, we accessed an area of reflecting pools, in a small wetland not far from the banks of the Saskatchewan River.  From this position, Mt. Peskett and the Ex Coelis Peaks lay to the south and east.  The former would be sidelit by the rising sun.  With good conditions, it was possible to capture the peaks’ reflections in the pools.

Unfortunately, the conditions weren’t quite ideal.  The skies were mostly clear, which meant a limited opportunity to capture colorful sunrise clouds and, worse, the wind kept kicking up, causing copious ripples on the surface of the water, spoiling the reflections.  After a bit of time trying to create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, I gave up and…

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