Baked Sweet Potato with Easy Chilli & Sour Cream

The Kiwi Cook

Baked Sweet Potato & Chilli

A friend of the family mentioned the other day that he makes a “mean” stuffed potato and it got me thinking – I haven’t had a stuffed potato in the longest time. The fact is I don’t often have potatoes really; somewhere down the line I was told they weren’t ideal for me, so I tend to avoid them. Sweet potato, or Kumara as we call them in New Zealand, are my preferred potato of choice and research suggests they do in fact offer more bang for their buck in terms of vitamins and fibre, while containing less calories and carbs than their distant cousins.

So, anyway, I was curious about how a stuffed sweet potato would taste and looked for a recipe online, eventually finding this one on BBC Good The result was fab and I loved that the sweet potato balanced out the flavours by adding sweetness…

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