Computer Technologist Turns To Education To Unlock Cyber Crimes In Dallas

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Dennis Dayman is a cyber crimes expert in law enforcement, and a “self-taught” computer technologist who looks to higher education as the next step in battling cyber crimes.

(Photo Courtesy of Dennis Dayman) (Photo Courtesy of Dennis Dayman)

Tell us about your computer background.

“Computers were a hobby of mine in the late ’80s. My dad helped me purchase a Packard Bell Legend 316SX to log into bulletin board systems. I’m self-taught; because of my inquisitive nature of wanting to know how things worked, my parents got tired of me taking things like clock radios apart and then miraculously putting them back together.”

You work in the criminal justice field; tell us about your work.

“Most of my work is in online criminal justice or policy issues. In many law enforcement programs you either go law enforcement, corrections, or legal/courts. My plan was to go into local or federal law enforcement, but wasn’t sure what…

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