Keller @ Large: Massachusetts Attitude Not Paying Off

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – We didn’t just pass a law allowing casino gambling back in 2011.

Like peacocks who can’t pass you on the farm without displaying their plumage, we made a statement about the high moral ground we hold, about how much smarter and ethical we are than the lower 49 states, and asserted our undeniable political superiority.

That’s our distinctive Massachusetts attitude, or Mattitude for short. And sometimes, when we protect our natural assets while other states do not or lead the way on gay marriage, Mattitude pays off.

But other times, it doesn’t.

And the current fiasco surrounding the Everett casino is Exhibit A.

With Boston filing the third lawsuit in the last three months against the state gaming commission for alleged violations of process in awarding the license to the Wynn project in Everett, it’s worth taking a look back at the founding principles of the commission

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