Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Didn’t Make $20 Million Off ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’


By Philip Cosores

As you may or may not have heard, a rumor was going around earlier today thatThom Yorke,Radioheadfrontman and solo artist/entrepreneur, had possibly made as much as $20 million dollars for his recent solo album,Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.

If that seems ridiculously optimistic (to borrow one of his Radiohead song titles), it probably is.Billboardisreportingthat though it is possible that Mr. Yorke struck it rich on his latest release, it probably didn’t happen.

Here’s the logic: Sure, Yorke could have made a ton of money if the 4.4 million people that reportedly downloaded the album paid for it. But, BitTorrent can’t tell us how many of the figure did pay for it, and it seems pretty unlikely that all, or even most, of the listeners actually coughed up cash for the album.


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