Dump Truck Intentionally Hits 2 Pr. George’s County Cruisers


UPDATED: Jan. 7, 2014 5:03 p.m.

[cbs-clip-player content_id=58721904 size=small station=633]

GLENARDEN, Md. (WNEW/AP) — A dump truck rammed into two Prince George’s County cruisers in Glenarden Wednesday, and police believe it was intentional.

Police say the dump truck hit the two cruisers in the Woodmore Town Center parking lot near Route 202 and I-95. Preliminarily, police believe the dump truck intentionally hit the cruisers and the driver is in custody.

No officers were in the cruisers at the time of the crash, and there are no reported injuries.

Police say the driver likely faces first-degree assault and related charges.

Police say the dump truck driver had “unprovoked” words with two police officers parked in the Woodmore shopping center. The officers whose cars were hit were doing vehicle maintenance when the exchange started.

He then drove off, circled back, and rammed the cruisers.

The driver got out and started saying more…

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